If you have a question about Rotherfield St Martin which is not answered here, then you can call us on 01892 853021, or drop in to the RSM Centre and we will try to help you in person.

Why are you called Rotherfield St Martin?

The name St Martin comes from our inspiration, Harry Martin, and from the Roman Soldier - Saint Martin, who gave away half his cloak to a beggar.

Are you a Church?

No we aren't a Church - although we do get support from our local churches, and we were set up as a Church-In-Community Project by St Denys'. We are an independent charity set up to help elderly and vulnerable people in our community.

Are you Rotherfield Nursery/Pre-School

The Rotherfield Pre-School used to hire the rooms we now use. Their phone number is 01892 853207.

How did you start?

We started with just a small group of people. If you are looking for guidance, see our Make A Difference guide.

Can you drive me to my hospital appointment?

We have a Volunteer Drivers' Scheme (VDS) where some of our members volunteer their time to drive other members to their appointments. The service is not free, and you must be a member before requesting a drive.

Can I join?

We welcome new members all the time. You don't have to actually live in Rotherfield to be a member, but if you want to use our services you need to be in our parish, or have your own transport. Call us to find the current membership fee.

Where is Rotherfield?

Rotherfield is a rural village in Wealden and the Parish itself is the largest in area in East Sussex. The nearest main towns are Crowborough (3 miles) and Tunbridge Wells (7 miles). 
We have a map on our About Us page.

How big is Rotherfield?

The Parish population is around 3,500 of which approaching one third are over the age of 65.
Find out more about Rotherfield from the Parish Council website.

Do you hire out rooms?

Our Centre is based in the Rotherfield Memorial Institute and we hire our rooms from them. 
We don't sub-let our rooms but the Institute do hire out the other rooms at various times. Contact Peter Thompson on 01892 852839 for more information.