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Olympic Volunteers

posted 14 Jan 2013, 06:38 by Rotherfield St Martin   [ updated 15 Jan 2013, 02:14 ]
Sarah, Richard, Pater and Louise - London 2012 Olympic Volunteers. 14 Jan 2012

We were pleased to welcome a group of local people who volunteered as Games makers for the 2012 London Olympics. Here are Sarah, Richard, Peter and Louise - London 2012 Olympic Games Makers.
Each of these has a story to tell of why they volunteered .

Sarah was assigned to the transport team as a T3 driver, driving dignitaries during the Olympic fortnight. She worked 10 hour shifts, driving between London hotels and the various venues. Richard worked in Brand Protection, with responsibility for preventing and taking action against ambush marketing and the sale of unofficial and counterfeit merchandise. Peter was involved with checking tickets at the gate. while Louise worked as a team leader, training and organising teams of volunteers, particularly at Grenwich Park.

All of the Games Makers helped to make the London Olympics a fantastic success. Thanks goes to all of them for being fabulous volunteers.