M&S supports 12 Days of Christmas Initiative

M&S in Tunbridge Wells has supported Rotherfield St Martin throughout 2020 by providing food, flowers and treats for our weekly Thursday “FEED IT BACK” table.

The M&S donations enable us to offer food to our entire community from parents and children on the school run, to vulnerable, older people who are unable to venture to larger shops as well as raising much needed funds for RSM. You can find out more about how M&S helps us here.

Additionally, M&S supported our Twelve Days of Christmas initiative by donating some lovely cakes and treats.

Store Manager, Marc Hooper says “When we have surplus food our absolute priority is for it to end up on someone’s plate, through our charity redistribution programme with Neighbourly. We’re thrilled that the app has already helped to make such a difference to charities like Rotherfield St Martin and hope to continue to help charities across Tunbridge Wells this season to support our local community and help prevent food going to waste.”

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