The Big Give 2020

RSM is launching The Big Give Christmas campaign on 1st December 2020 to raise funds for events and activities next year. The campaign will run for one week.

Isolation and loneliness have been featured extensively in the media this year.  The impact of lockdown has affected everyone.  We miss our friends and time together. For those living alone, forced to shield or with loved ones in care homes, the pandemic has been particularly stressful.

RSM cannot solve these problems of course, but throughout the pandemic our teams of Parish Pals, volunteer drivers, Rotherfield Repairs and staff have provided a huge amount support, practical help and of course, friendship.

In fact, one of the few highlights of this year has been the spirit of community that has been reignited in our corner of East Sussex. With this in mind, we want to make 2021 a year of friendship and community. We want to reinvigorate our social activities and give our members as many opportunities as possible to reconnect and enjoy life with their friends safely. 

Unfortunately, the lockdown restrictions mean the income we usually receive from the 40 activities we run each month has been reduced to zero and we are now totally reliant on our fundraising efforts and grant applications.

So, between the 1st and 8th December 2020, we are aiming to raise £2000 through our
Big Give Christmas Campaign.  Thanks to our amazing supporters, Morag Hockins and The Monday Trust, donations are guaranteed to be doubled to £4000, giving RSM enough funds to put on a really entertaining and safe calendar of events and activities next year, as soon as the lockdown restrictions are removed.

How your donations help

  • Your £1 donation will give an older person a card on their birthday.
  • Your £5 donation will ensure that our small team can be at the end of the phone to offer support and friendship.
  • Your £10 donation will help us reach out to someone who is particularly lonely to offer friendship and extra support.
  • Your £15 donation will pay for essential PPE equipment for a volunteer driver for a year.
  • Your £50 donation will contribute towards a calendar of social events and activities each month.

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