About Us

Rotherfield St Martin
is a community charity with a Christian ethos that provides on-going social support, care and well being for older people. We aim to ensure that older people in our community are active and fully supported to live the lives they want to live.

From humble beginnings we are now well established and have  a permanent base, the RSM, which to deliver our services and care from.  We are grateful for the support we have received by way of grants from various organisations, including the Parish Council, St Denys' Church, The Big Lottery, Sussex Community Foundation, the Tudor Trust and donations from local groups and individuals.

As from September 2013 we will have a membership of over 357, a band of 140 volunteers, a board of 6 trustees and a management committee of 9.  We have links with other voluntary groups and statutory bodies.

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What we do

  • Weekly Monday meetings at Rotherfield Village Hall where members enjoy a diverse range of speakers, entertainment and a range of activities
  • Projects providing health related activities and supportive therapies.
  • Comprehensive Exercise Programme.
  • Computer Training and Art Projects.
  • Outings to places of interest and people’s homes.
  • "Holiday at Home" which runs for three days in the summer when we have an outing to the coast, a day of activities at the Village Hall and other fun events.
  • Volunteer Driving Scheme covering a wide area - to take people to hospital, health care appointments and for shopping trips.
  • Befrienders Scheme where members are visited at home or in hospital and given help and support where needed.
  • Dementia Support Group for those living with dementia and their carers
  • Day Care - weekly on a Thursday for a small group.

RSM Centre

The RSM Centre is located in the Memorial Institute Building and provides a base for our services which are:-

RSM Charity Shop

Our Charity Shop opened in April 2013, selling all second hand items, raising funds for RSM.