Shielding Advice for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

All clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) people should now have been advised by a letter from the Government to follow shielding guidance and of the support office available to them. Emails and texts have also been sent to many people on the list where contact information is available. 

The Shielded Patient List remains a live list, with people newly considered as CEV being continually added (e.g. people with a new diagnosis that changes their risk status). You can find out more here.

Areas will be moving to vaccinate CEV people once Over 80’s have been vaccinated and there is ongoing capacity. Over 2.3 million CEV’s are under seventy.

Key messages to note: 

  • Vaccination delivery will be via GP practices, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), in hospital hubs and community pharmacies as well as the mass vaccination centres. 
  • All delivery models should be safe for CEV people and patient preference for these vaccinations should therefore be maintained. The NHSE High Risk team anticipate that the majority of CEV people will prefer the GP/PCN route.  
  • CEV people living within 45mins of a mass vaccination centre will be contacted from now via letter from the national booking system. They have the option to wait for a local centre invitation if they prefer. Others living outside this radius will be contacted via their local service. 
  • CEV people should continue to access the healthcare they need, which includes leaving the house to get vaccinated.  
  • CEV people are advised by the government to continue following shielding measures after they have had each of their vaccination jabs. Government lines are currently being produced to support this position.  
  • The Government are committed to vaccinate everyone in priority groups 1-4, which includes CEV’s by 15 February.  
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